HKP Media

At HKP Media we believe there is a vastly underserved NEWS source

for local event, civics and sports. 

We cover this for you.

It is our mission to tell a story through images and not editorial. 

 We leave all the sensationalism and baiting to the regular media. 

We bring you a visual story of local events, NEWS and sports

and we cover civic and non profit events. 

 If you have a non profit or community event to cover please contact us. We cover these for no charge and allow use of our images for promotional and marketing purposes to civic and non profits for no charge. Fees do apply if you want to own license of the images of if we have to cancel other work to cover yours.

We are nationallly credentialed and insured.

We tell the stories no one else will!

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If you have an event idea to cover contact us. There is no charge to cover an event  unless you want to own the images. 

Hunter Kilpatrick Photography

2647 Greenwood Ave. #C, Morro Bay, CA 93442, us

(805) 776-3399