Why hire us?

Your student athletes deserve quality images to remember their youth sports. And you deserve the memories to share and enjoy forever without going broke. Your phones do a pretty good job but quality prints are hard to get from the stands. With our credentials we get down on the field, on the court, poolside, trackside or on the beach to capture the best images and memories possible for quality prints.


We believe you should be able to afford these once in a lifetime memories and we strive to help you. We can cover one game or match or we can cover a whole season. Better yet you can team up with other parents and share the cost. After all, we are there anyway so we might as well cover as many students playing as we can and we allow you to share the cost with other families.

We often can be seen at sporting events anyway so we keep the cost low to help you and to be sure these memories are not missed


For as little as $25 per game we will focus on capturing as much of your students play time as possible and you will be able to purchase only the images you want in any size or any media you wish. We often cover scholastic and rec sports on our own, you can always take the chance we catch your student but if you hire us we will focus first on our clients and we will be sure to be at the game. Get other parents together and for $100 I will schedule any  game or match.

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